Our School together with other affiliated independent schools have an outstanding track-record for achieving exceptionally well at many Universities across South Africa and Internationally. A number of ROCCS graduates have gone on to complete various tertiary studies at both colleges and universities and have become successful in their various professions, occupations, and callings.


Our Grade 12 EXIT Option: We work in partnership with Online School from Gr. 8 – Gr. 12 and exit with a National Senior Certificate (NSC) matric through the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). Our High School offers a blended learning program in our High School IEB School-based online learning centre.

Blended learning is a style of education in which students learn via the electronic and online personal tuition platforms as well as traditional face-to-face teaching. With many of the top schools worldwide going the blended learning route, we are able to enjoy all the advantages of high tech educational solutions within an environment of Christian values, positive social interaction, and the many other benefits of the school environment. In the Learning Center, each student has full access to a Personal Computer with data and printing facilities. Learning sessions incorporate both personal and online educators and group studies of learning and interaction.


The (IEB) NSC is an internationally benchmarked qualification used by most independent (private) schools in South Africa, including Curro, Crawford, and many other top private schools in the country.


IEB produces a consistent average matric pass rate of between 97% and 98% and offers the following benefits:


  • A choice of 10 subjects
  • Students access their course material online with all benefits of a classroom environment and traditional face-to-face teaching
  • Christian IEB teachers and subject specialists assist students one on one or in groups
  • Monitor students’ progress and provide proactive intervention
  • Set and mark assessments including tests, exams, orals and weekly tasks
  • Set, mark, moderate, collate and manage the Gr. 12 School Based Assessment (SBA) process
  • Contact sessions held at centralised venues to cover practical components of the curriculum
  • IEB compliant exam venues with invigilation for Grade 12 prelim and final exams


Upon successful completion of the IEB examinations, learners will be issued with an accredited National Senior Certificate.


Many SA Universities now require a National Benchmark Test (NBT) and/or further selection criteria to be done in addition to a matric or other Exit certificate. There is no guarantee that a particular tertiary institution will accept a Grade 12 applicant regardless of the exit certificate.


Universities enroll applicants in view of space, learner performance, and national quotas. Admission requirements need to be negotiated with each institution. Our school together with our partners does offer excellent guidance and support in this regard.